KOMBAT Custom Shorts Software Quick Guide
kombat custom guide
KOMBAT Gear Customization Muay Thai K-1 Shorts Software Screencast
For those who wonder how to use our software, here is our screencast for KOMBAT Custom MuayThai /K-1 Shorts software

What is a benefit of using KOMBAT Gear custom shorts?
1. Fully Integrated. Our software is fully integrated with our production system. Once you submit your design, it will instantly be appeared in Kombat factory production pipeline.

2. Shortest Lead-time. We guarantee 7 days production lead-time. Unlike, most manufacturers that require a month.

3. Cheap. No middle man in the process. Only you and Kombat factory.

4. No Minimum Order Required. You can order only one item.
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kombat custom guide

KOMBAT Gear is a brand of MMA, Muay Thai and K-1 products including boxing shorts, gloves, grappling gloves, shin guard, head guard etc. Our online store has two departments:

Custom Shop is for customized muay thai, K-1 and boxing shorts. You can create your own design in a few minutes. Your designn will be sent to our factory, KOMBAT Equipment Co., Ltd.

Superstore is for standard equipments: shorts, gloves, protection gear. All items are in-stock and ready to be shipped.

All products are made in Thailand and ship to worldwide.

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